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Manual 3D Xtreme 640x1200x500


Aberlink (UK)

New product

• Suitable for use in workshop conditions
• Manual test and measurement machine
• Vibration protection as standard
• Equipped with full-featured software, PC and printer

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28 900,00 €

Data sheet

Диапазон измерения 640x1200x500
Дискретность отсчета 0,0005
Working process ручной
Погрешность, мм 2,1+0,4L/100
Material гранитна або комбінована база
Max detail weight, kg 300 (500)
Скорость перемещения, мм/сек 600
Условия эксплуатации 0-45 °C
Примечание комплектується ПК з монітором 22”, принтер, головка TP20 Renishaw та набір щупів
Страна производства UK

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Fast, accurate and reliable manual coordinate-measuring
Axiom too is available in 4 versions
depending on the length of the table and the measuring range
on the Y axis up to 1500 mm. Axiom hand-held test and measurement machines can
to be equipped with contact and scanning
Measuring systems, as well as a video camera
Aberlink for non-contact measurements.
All aluminum construction of the portal
provides not only low inertia and high
acceleration, but also rapid acceptance of temperature
environment, which is ideal if the machine
Used in a room with unstable
temperature conditions. Temperature compensation
software results all results
measurements to values ​​as if they were
at a temperature of 20 ° C.
High-tech table made of granite and porous
aluminum provides optimal damping
high-frequency vibration, and the granite guide
axis Y, clamped by the air bearing of the portal
in both directions, provides the maximum
The peculiarity of the Axiom hand-held test and measuring machine is that a small upgrade allows you to make a manual machine
control the machine with numerical control.
Due to full integration of production
processes of Aberlink, Axiom too has
incredibly low cost, but above all it
easy to use. Software
Aberlink 3D own development is the leader
for ease of use and is ideal for both
novice users, and for professionals