2016-02-08 Precision calipers MICROTECH® now available on Amazon








































2015-06-25 Official reseller MICROTECH in Bulgaria

Official reseller MICROTECH  in Bulgaria


ZIIU Standart Plc.

Contact person: Alexander Tinchev



2015-06-09 NEW product Low force caliper 0,5-1N with max range 300mm and Force indication

  MICROTECH present NEW product  Low force caliper 0,5-1N with max range 300mm and Force indication

2015-06-04 BOMBAY TOOLS Supplying - exclusive distributor MICROTECH in India


 Еxclusive distributor MICROTECH in India


Agency 802 Marathon Icon,

Marathon Next Gen Complex,

Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, 

Lower Parel ,   Mumbai 400 013, 
+91 22 61481800 /   Fax +91 22 61481888
       contact: Mr Kunal Shah


2015-06-03 Reduced price for the protractors type 151132020 MICROTECH®

Protractor type 151132020  90 Euro   75 Euro

2015-05-27 Discounts on all lathe chucks MIKROTEH15%

 The company MICROTECH makes discounts on all lathe chucks MIKROTEH15%

2015-05-19 IMEP industries is official reseller MICROTECH precision tools in Turkey

 IMEP industries is official reseller MICROTECH precision tools in Turkey


Yakuy Sok No: 20 Konutkent-1 ANKARA TURKIYE

Tel: +90 312 240 56 32.

Faks: +90 312 240 56 32

GSM: +90 533 376 25 36

Şirket Müdürü: A. Tolga ARIKAN

2015-05-15 MIСROTEСH - Poland.

   In Poland MIСROTEСH has its office.



  • NUMER KRS 0000545992
  • NIP 5322050897
  • REGON 36090751100000


For a complete list of dmlleriv MIСROTEСH can be found here.

2015-05-14 In the «CONTROL-2015" presented special proprietary computer precision indicators, calipers and micrometers, designed and manufactured by the MICROTECH

 Computer (tablet) indicators, micrometers and calipers, developed and patented Microtech Kharkiv became the center of attention on the main metrological forum «CONTROL-2015" in Stuttgart, for the world's leading manufacturers (Mitutouo Japanese, German Mahr, Switzerland Silvac, German Steinmeyer, Italian Bochi ), and for hundreds of distributors and professionals.

2015-05-12 Stuttgart, May 5-8, 2015 in "a Control-2015" at the stand MICROTECH visitors were not allowed out of the hands patented precision calipers with adjustable measuring force

 After years of research and metrology of test cases involving digital calipers with three different user groups of 4-5 persons each (with different level of metrological knowledge and experience in using calipers) Kharkov Microtech has developed, manufactured and patented a precision caliper with adjustable measuring force, so that the accuracy of the measurements increased 3 times compared to European standards, which are made all the world's brands.

          Metrological forum «CONTROL-2015" in Stuttgart 5-8 May 2015 Kharkiv Microtech calipers with adjustable torque measurements have been recognized as the most accurate and available (error of 10 microns at a price of 99 euros), far ahead of all other global brands (with an accuracy of 30 microns standard DIN) and even innovative micron caliper Swiss company «Sylvac» (with an accuracy of 20 microns at a price of 211 euros).
        One of the visitors to the stand Microtech, director of engineering plant enough emotionally appreciated new features precision calipers MICROTECH with adjustable measuring force (including the exclusion of human factor) the phrase in German, "this is just for my" idiots. "

2015-05-10 MICROTECH in Stuttgart on May 5-8 in the global metrological forum «CONTROL- 2015" confirmed the superiority of its 5 types measurer patented new generation of global brands

 MICROTECH after years of metrology research developed, manufactured and patented in 2014-2015 5 types of calipers, micrometers, indicators, stands gauge of new generation, which at a lower price in 2 times are 1.5-2 times better metrological characteristics over top international brands (see Cat.).



2015-04-30 Microtech stand on Control-2014 (Stuttgart)

Stand MICROTECH at the exhibition in Stuttgart Control-2015 pavilion № 77220-2

2015-04-30 Welcome to the Metrological Forum Control-2015 in Stuttgart

Welcome to the Metrological Forum Control-2015 in Stuttgart.

Pavilion 7 72220-2

2015-04-30 Video Precision wareless caliper

 Precision wareless caliper

2015-04-29 Video Calibration tester for bore gauges

 Calibration tester for bore gauges

2015-04-29 Video Calibration tester for indicators

 Calibration tester for indicators

2015-04-27 Video about Precision Force caliper MICROTECH

 Video about Precision Force caliper MICROTECH

2015-04-21 MICROTECH start production precision force caliper with long jaws

 This caliper can control measuring pressure during mesurement. Measuring Force 20N, accuracy in 2 times better then standart electronic long jaw caliper.Precision Force caliper optionally can be with Built-in Bluetooth data transfer module.

2015-04-17 Earned MICROTECH site for EU countries

 Earned MICROTECH site for EU countries

2015-04-16 MICROTECH start production Precision Tablet indicator

MICROTECH in 2015 start production innovated precision TABLET indicator (built-in computer) with sensor colour display and second LCD display. This TABLET indicator has accuracy 2 microns and have possibility to make mathematical error correction, formula and radius mode, tables and graph building, data export to other devices or net.Other digital MICROTECH devices (wih Built in Bluetooth) can be conneted to TABLET indicator . 



2015-03-26 Video: Radius gauge RIC-1000 MIKROTEH® for measuring internal and external dimensions of 5-1000 mm, resolution 0,001 mm report.

 MIKROTEСH® to your attention the principle of the Radius gauge RIC-1000.

2015-03-24 New issue of price-gallery measuring tools MICROTECH® №39 2015

There was a new price-gallery tool MICROTECH® release №39 2015.

2015-03-24 Special offer! Price reduced on coordinate measuring machine manual MIKROTECH® production by more than 50%

 On the coordinate measuring machine manual production MIKROTECH® with software and PC to 19990 Euro!

2015-03-23 Action!Reduced prices for Vice metalwork steel lightweight rotary with an anvil production MICROTECH®

 MIKROTECH® reduces prices for steel lightweight Vice metalwork rotary with an anvil

2015-03-19 Modernization of MICROTECH® DATA SYSTEM (MDS)

MICROTECH company has released new versions of wired and wireless systems MDS. For more information, go to Connecting equipment to PC.

2015-03-10 MICROTECH introducing hi-precision force caliper

MICROTECH produced and patented in 2015 hi-precision force caliper with module of measuring force control. This caliper has resolution 5 micron, measuring force module with range 8-15 N. It gives possibility to get accuracy of mesurement up to 10 microns (in range 300 mm) it's in 4 times better then DIN standard.

2015-02-25 Opening for the position of sales managers

MICROTECH® company expands sales team. We need sales managers B-2-B products. Eligible applicants:

– 20-45 years;

– higher education (preferably technical);

– experience in selling B-2-B goods;

– PC knowledge;

– knowledge of foreign languages is welcome.

Salary – rate + % at the end of the interview.

Send resume to e-mail:

2015-02-25 Reduced prices for the calibration tools for dial bore gages MICROTECH®

Calibration tool for dial bore gages 251111600    840 Euro   600 Euro

Calibration tool for dial bore gages 251114000   1250 Euro   690 Euro


Radius template №1                      48 Euro      24 Euro

Radius template №2                      45 Euro      22.5 Euro

Radius template №3                      45 Euro      22.5 Euro

Threaded template №1 М60         36 Euro      18 Euro

Threaded template №2 Д55          49 Euro      24.5 Euro

2015-02-20 Came from the production of updated micrometers for hot rolled MHR MICROTECH®

On sale new micrometers for hot rolled (800°С) type of MHR.

MICROTECH® is the only manufacturer in Europe micrometers for hot rolled.

2015-02-16 MICROTECH® invites you to visit own stand at Control - 2015 in Stuttgart (Germany)

MICROTECH® invites you to own stand at the largest exhibition of metrological Control - 2015 in Stuttgart (Germany), 4-8 May 2015. Will present new types of measuring tools Ukrainian production.

2015-02-09 Indicators in the availability 1MIG MICROTEH® cl.1 and cl.2

Came from the production of precision indicators 1MIG cl.1 and cl.0 

2015-01-30 30.01.2014 Sale! Discounts on machines MICROTECH up to 60%

 Sale of machines MICROTECH 2013 onwards with discounts up to 60%

Drilling and milling machine DM-45 with cooling system price is 4781 Euro and with -45% sales  2600 Euro  
Band Saw SG5018 with cooling system price is 2250 Euro and with -50% sales 1125 Euro  
Hydraulic press price is 4219 Euro and with -32% sales 2900 Euro 
Mini Lathe T140 with tray fully loaded price is 1320 Euro and with -60% sales 530 Euro 

2015-01-14 OGM Co Ltd is excluded from the list of distributors company MICROTECH in the Russian Federation

2015-01-08 ACTION. SALE PNEUMATIC TOOL 2013-2014 !!! 50% DISCOUNT !!!

Riveting pneumatic hammer ИП-4009           205 Euro     103 Euro

Pneumatic grinding machine ИП-2014          156 Euro      78 Euro

Pneumatic grinding machine ИП-2009           98 Euro       49 Euro

Pneumatic nut wrench ИП-3110                      150  Euro     75 Euro

Pneumatic nut wrench ИП-3130                      440 Euro      220 Euro

Riveting pneumatic hammer МО-3Б               118 Euro      59 Euro

2014-12-26 MICROTECH® congratulates New Year and Christmas holidays.

 MICROTECH congratulates its business partners with the upcoming holidays. I wish the new year 2015, new ideas realization.

In turn, you will do for you to provide quality tools at a fair price. We promise to present new developments since January 2015 !!!

2014-12-20 Innovative "Thikness gauges Microtech", developed in 2014, patented in Ukraine

 In June 2014 completed a two-year development and released the initial batch of innovative measuring instruments "Thikness gauges MICROTECH" who in the world not previously been made. Development Microtech protected declarative patent of Ukraine with a priority from 12.09.2014, the

         Innovative "Thikness gauges Microtech" provides the ability to measure very large parts Overall (3000 mm), preferably cylindrical and complex shapes by using rectangular or circular brackets with two movable measuring rods.
         In overall dimensions of pipes and structures under actual field conditions at temperatures ranging from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius is only one "Thikness gauges Microthat" can be replaced up to 29 micrometers Thikness gauges 


2014-12-03 MICROTECH® offers a service tool from any manufacturer

 Production site MICROTECH® constantly repairs and post-warranty service measuring tools and equipment manufacturers. At the request of the customer can be repaired instrument calibration calibration laboratory MICROTECH and NSC "Institute of Metrology".

We offer repairs of the following types of tools:
- Manual measurer (micrometers, Beam, indicators, callipers, thickness)
- hardometer
- dynamometers
- Optical instruments
- Measuring machines and others.

2014-11-28 Inside calipers depth of 3 meters

 Went out of production bore gauge indicating depth of 3 meters


2014-11-28 MICROTECH® celebrates 19th anniversary

 This year MICROTECH® celebrates the 19th anniversary of the foundation. We hope to please our partners with new developments and technologies.

2014-11-20 UMS system for 4 devices MICROTECH®

 Commissioned UMS data transmission system with digital measuring instruments MICROTECH® on the PC. Video system for 4 devices

2014-11-12 Micrometer MCC with two screens

 The manufacture of micrometers MCD MIKROTEH® extended range 0-30mm with scale division of 0.001 with two displays for use in hard to reach places.

2014-11-07 English hardness Foundrax in Ukraine

MICROTECH® represents hardness Foundrax for large and very large parts.

2014-11-05 Sale! hardness storage


Rockwell Hardness Tester ТК-2

Price: 750 €

Hardness TR5006

Price: 750 €

Hardness ТК-1 

Price: 670 €

2014-11-03 Sale! Clearance tool storage


Portable Digital Pocket Surface Roughness

Tester TIME TR-100

693 €

Portable Digital Pocket Surface Roughness

Tester TIME TR-110

770 €
DIAL PRECISION SNAP GAGE 0-50mm 0.002mm KRIN (Russia) 154 €
DIAL PRECISION SNAP GAUGE Carl Zeiss 0-50mm 0.002mm 385 €
3 point internal micrometer set 6-12mm 0.001mm Mitutoyo 616 €

2014-10-23 Microtech starts production site of plastic parts

 Microtech starts production site of plastic parts

2014-10-21 Indicators are calibrated Kaefer (Germany)

 Microtech provides indicators Kaefer (Germany). Available indicators such 1MIG, 1MIG (waterproof, shockproof), 2IG.

Indicators Kaefer

2014-10-16 Reduction of prices on Calipers IP-67 to 34%


Digital Caliper - 150 (IP-67)      150€     100€ 


Digital Caliper - 300 (IP-67)      270€     200€ 

2014-10-09 Came from the production of ultra-low Inside calipers Microtech

     MICROTECH can propose in stock 3-point internal micrometers with ranges 2-2.5 mm and 2.5-3 mm, with resolution 1 micron.
    All internal micrometers MICROTECH are in stare register of measuring tools in Ukraine and Russia. 
    3 point internal micrometers MICROTECHare equipped with a data port for transfer ata to PC, mounting ring and keys.

2014-09-26 Information about Microtech in Polish


Szanowny Kolego,

Dzisiaj możecie Państwo zrobić swój lepszy wybór

Przedsiębiorstwo Naukowo-Produkcyjne MICROTECH®, założone w 1995  roku w Charkowie przez czołowych technologów-narzędziowców przemysłu  kosmicznego, zaczynając od 2004 roku zaczęłoprodukowaćliniowo-kątowe  środki pomiaru i precyzyjne oprzyrządowanie obrabiarek MIKROTECH® w systemie  zarządzania jakością ISO9001:2008 ze sprawdzonych akcesorii montażowych  produkcji krajowej oraz zagranicznej.  

Każda jednostka produkcji MICROTECH® przechodzi przez 100% kontrolę metrologiczną we współczesnym laboratorium akredytowanym MIKROTECH® z  kontrolą komputerową na wszystkich etapach produkcji.

Produkcja wzorcowa MICROTECH® (stoiska kalibrowane, wysokowyładowcze narzędzia pomiarowe długości oraz twardości, płyty  granitowe, linie i kątowniki) są wykorzystywane przez 22 Centa PaństwoweMetrologii Ukrainy.

Narzędzierobocze MIKROTECH® w ciągu 11 lat jest skutecznie stosowane przez 3000 czołowych przedsiębiorstw Ukrainy, w tym również Motor-Sich,  Turboatom, FED, Zoria-mashproekt, Azovstal, Zaporozhstal,Mittalstil,stacje  atomowe, wszystkie fabryki maszyn, fabryki samolotów, fabryki wagonów.

Czujniki, suwmiarki, średnicówki, kątomierze oraz indykatory produkcji MIKROTECH® są wpisane do Rejestrów Państwowych Ukrainy oraz Rosji, 5-krotnie  zostały wyróżnione spośród «100 najlepszych towarów przemysłowych Ukrainy.

Fachowcy MIKROTECH® wypracowalii produkują unikatowe mikrometry do walcowania na gorąco(do 800°С), średnicówki czujnikowe oraz mikrometryczne  ogłębokości pomiarów poniżej 5000 mm,skoblesuwmiarkowe do części o  dużym gabarycie (poniżej 3000 mm), układy i oprogramowanie MIKROTECH® dla  bezprzewodowego przekazania danych na komputer

Zaokres 11 lat MICROTECH® wyprodukował w Charkowie 155 tys.  jednostek certyfikowanych narzędzi pomiarowych, najbardziej zażądanych na  Ukrainie. MICROTECH® ma 19 dystrybutorów na Ukrainie, w Niemczech, Rosji,  eksportujedo Rosji, Gruzji, Azerbejdżanu, Mołdowy, Krajów Arabskich, stwarzasię  sieć dilerska w krajach Unia Europejska oraz Sojuszu Celnego.

MIKROTECH pracuje dla Państwa i pomaga Państwuw odniesieniu sukcesów!



mikrometr, miernik otwór, suwmiarki, wskaźnik kalibracji, kątomierz, poziom, tester twardości, mikroskop, precyzyjne narzędzia, shtangenreysmas mikrona, precyzyjne, optimetr, imadła, uchwyty, hamulca, przy weryfikacji płyty, zakres kalibracji, dokładności, grubość, Stenkomery pomiaru. 


2014-09-26 Information about Microtech in the Kazakh language

Құрметті Әріптес,   

Бүгін Сіз өзіңіздің ең жақсы таңдауыңызды жасай аласыз

1995 жылда Харьковта ғарыштық өнеркәсіптің жетекші тех- нолог құрал-сайманшылары құрған МИКРОТЕХ® ғылыми-өндірістік кәсіпорны, 2004 жылдан бастап сынақтан өткен отандық және импорттық толымдаушылардан ISO9001 сапа менеджменті жүйесінде сызықты- бұрыштық өлшеу құралдары мен өте дәл МИКРОТЕХ® білдек жабдығын өндіруде.  

 МИКРОТЕХ® өнімінің әрбір бірлігі өндірістің барлық кезеңдерінде компьютерлік бақылаумен заманауи аккредиттелген МИКРОТЕХ® зертханасында 100% метрологиялық бақылаудан өтеді.  

МИКРОТЕХ® эталондық өнімдерін қазіргі таңда (калибрлеу стенд- тері, жоғары разрядтық ұзындық және қаттылық өлшеуіштер, гранитті тақталар, сызғыштар және бұрыштықтар) Украинааның 22 мемлекеттік метрология Орталықтары қолданып жатыр.  

МИКРОТЕХ® жұмыс аспабын 11 жылдан бері Мотор-Сич, Турбо- атом, ФЭД, Зоря-Машпроект, Азовсталь, Запорожсталь, Митталстил, атом станциялары, барлық машина жасау, авиация және вагон жасау зауыттарын қоса алғанда Украинаның 3000 жетекші кәсіпорындары ти- імді қолданып жатыр.  

МИКРОТЕХ® өндірісінің микрометрлері, штангенциркульдері, нутромерлеру, бұрыш өлшегіштері және индикаторлары Украина мен Ресейдің мемлекеттік тізілімдеріне енгізілген, 5 рет «Украинаның 100 үздік өнеркәсіптік тауарлары» қатарында белгіленген.  

МИКРОТЕХ® мамандары ыстық проткатқа арналған біре- гей микрометрлер (800 oС-қа дейін), өлшеу тереңдігі 5000 мм ге де- йінгі индиктаорлық және микрометрлік нутрометрлер, ірі габаритті бөлшектерге арналған штанген –қапсырмалар ( 3000 мм ге дейін), ДК деректерді сымсыз жеткізуге арналған жүйелер және ПО МИКРОТЕХ® әзірледі және шығаруда.  

11 жыл ішінде МИКРОТЕХ® Харьковта Украинада ең қажетті 155 мың сертификатталған өлшеу құралдарын бірлігін жасап шығарды.  

МИКРОТЕХ® кәсіпорнының Украина, Германияда, Ресейде 19 дистрибьюторы бар, өнімдерін Ресей, Грузия, Әзірбайжан, Молдова, Араб елдеріне экспорттап жатыр, ЕО мен КО елдерінде дилерлік желі қалыптасуда.  

МИКРОТЕХ® Сіз үшін жұмыс істейді және Сіздің жетістіктеріңізге мүмкіндік жасайды көмектеседі!

2014-09-26 Information about Microtech in Georgian

        Information about Microtech in Georgian

პატივცემულო კოლეგა,

დღეს თქვენ შეგიძლიათ გააკეთოთ თქვენი საუკეთესო არჩევანი

სამეცნიერო სამრეწველო საწარმომМИКРОТЕХ® (მიკროტეხ®), რომელიც შექმნილია 1995 წელს ხარკოვში კოსმოსური მრეწველობის წამყვანი ტექნოლოგ მეინსტრუმენტეების მიერ, 2004 წლიდან დაიწყო გაზომვის ხაზოვანი კუთხური საშუალებნების დაპრეციზიონულისადა ზგოაღჭურვილობის МИКРОТЕХ® წარმოება შემოწმებული სამამულო და იმპორტული მაკომპლექტებლებიდანხარისხის მენეჯმენტისISO9001:2008 სისტემაში.

МИКРОТЕХ®–ის პროდუქციის თითოეული ერთეული გადის 100 % მეტროლოგიურ კონტროლს МИКРОТЕХ®–ის თანამედროვე აკრედიტებულ ლაბორატორიაში კომპიუტერული შემოწმებით წარმოების ყველა სტადიაზე.

МИКРОТЕХ®–ის საეტალონო პროდუქციას (დაკალიბრების სტენდები, მაღალი თანრიგის მქონესიგრძის და სიმაგრის ზომები, გრანიტის ფილები, სახაზავები და კუთხედები)გამოიყენებს უკრაინის მეტროლოგიის 22 სახელმწიფო ცენტრი.

МИКРОТЕХ®–ის სამუშაო ინსტრუმენტს 11 წლის განმავლობაში ეფექტურად გამოიყენებს უკრაინის 3000 წამყვანი საწარმო, მათ შორის მოტორსიჩი, ტურბოატომი, ფედი, ზორიამაშპროექტი, აზოვსტალი,ზაპოროჟსტალი,მიტტალსტილი, ატომური სადგურები, ყველა მანქანათსაშენი, საავიაციო და ვაგონსაშენი ქარხანა.

МИКРОТЕХ®–ის ნაწარმი მიკრომეტრები, შტანგენფარგლები, კუთხის საზომები და ინდიკატორები შეტანილია უკრაინის და რუსეთის სახელმწიფო რეესტრებში, 5 ჯერ არის აღნიშნული უკრაინის „100 საუკეთესო სამრეწველო საქონლის რიცხვში.

МИКРОТЕХ®–ის სპეციალისტებმა დაამუშავენ და უშვებენ უნიკალურ მიკრომეტრებს ცხელი გლინვისთვის (800°С– მდე),ინდიკატორულ და მიკრომეტრიულ ნუტრომეტრებს გაზომვის სიღრმით 5000 მმ,შტანგენკავებს დიდგაბარიტიან დეტალებისთვის (3000 მმმდე), სისტემებს და სმМИКРОТЕХ® პკზე მონაცემების უსადენო გადაცემისთვის.

11 წლის განმავლობაში МИКРОТЕХ®–მა გამოუშვა ხარკოვში გაზომვის სერტიფიცირებულისაშუალებების 155 ათასი ერთეული, რომლებიც უკრაინაში ყველაზე პოპულარულია.

МИКРОТЕХ®– ჰყავს 19 დისტრიბიუტორი უკრაინაში, გერმანიაში, რუსეთში, საზღვარგარეთ გააქვს თავისი პროდუქცია რუსეთში, საქართველოში, აზერბაიჯანში, მოლდოვეთში, არაბეთის ქვეყნებში, ყალიბდება სადილერო ქსელი ეკის და სკის ქვეყნებში.

МИКРОТЕХ® მუშაობს თქვენთვის და ხელს უწყობს თქვენს წარმატებებს



2014-09-26 Information about Microtech in the Azerbaijani language

  Information about Microtech in the Azerbaijani language

Bu gün

Siz ən düzgün seçiminizi edə bilərsiniz

1995-ci ildə Xarkov şəhərində aparıcı kosmik sənayesi texnoloq- instrumentçiləri tərəfindən yaradılmış MİKROTEX® elmi-istehsalat şirkəti 2004-cü ildən sınaqdan çıxmış milli və xarici komplekt hissələrindənISO9001:2008 keyfiyyət menecmenti sistemində xətti-bucaq ölçmə vasitələrini və MİKROTEX® dəqiq dəzgah təchizatını istehsal etməyə başlayıb.      

MİKROTEX® məhsullarının hər biri müasir MİKROTEX® akkreditasiya edilmişlaboratoriyalarında bütün istehsalat mərhələlərində kompüter nəzarəti altında 100%-lik metroloji yoxlamadan keçir.

MİKROTEX® etalon məhsulları (kalibrləmə dəzgahları, yüksək dərəcəli uzunluq və möhkəmlik ölçüləri, qranit daşları, xətkeşlər və bucaqlar) Ukraynanın 22 dövlət Metrologiya mərkəzləri ilə istifadə olunur.

MİKROTEX® iş alətləri 11 il ərzində effektiv olaraq Ukraynanın 3000aparıcımüəssisələrində istifadə olunur, həmçinin,Motor-Siç,Turboatom, FED, Zorya-Maşproyekt, Azovstal, Zaporojstal, Mittalstil şirkətləri.Atomstansiyaları, bütün maşınqayırma, aviasiya və vaqonqayırma zavodları ilə.

MİKROTEX® ilə istehsal edilmiş mikrometrlər, ştangenpərgarlar, nutrometrlər, bucaqölçənlər və indikatorlar Ukrayna və Rusiya Dövlət reyestrlərinə daxil olur, 5 dəfə Ukraynanın “100 ən yaxşı sənayeməhsulları”arasına daxil olub.

MİKROTEX® mütəxəssisləri isti prokat (800°С-dək) nadir mikrometrlərini, indikator və 5000 mm ölçmə dərinliyi ilə mikrometrik nutrometrlərini, böyük hissələr (3000 mm-dək) üçün ştangen-qulplarını, kompüterlərəsimsiz məlumat vermək üçün MİKROTEX® sistemlərini və proqram avadanlıqlarını işlədib hazırlayırlar.

Bu 11 il ərzində MİKROTEX® Xarkovda 155 min ədəd Ukraynada ən tələb edilən sertifikatlaşdırılmış ölçü avadanlıqlarını istehsal edib.

MİKROTEX® şirkətinin Ukraynada, Almaniyada, Rusiyada 19 distribütorları var, şirkət məhsullarını Rusiyaya, Gürcüstana, Azərbaycana, Moldovaya, Ərəb ölkələrinə ixrac edir, Avropa ittifaqı vəGömrük ittifaqı ölkələrində dilerlər şəbəkəsi yaradıl

2014-09-11 Microtech provides laser engraving

2014-09-11 Sale!Clearance tool storage


Portable Digital Pocket Surface Roughness

Tester TIME TR-100

693 €

Portable Digital Pocket Surface Roughness

Tester TIME TR-110

770 €
DIAL PRECISION SNAP GAGE 0-50mm 0.002mm KRIN (Russia) 154 €
DIAL PRECISION SNAP GAUGE Carl Zeiss 0-50mm 0.002mm 385 €
3 point internal micrometer set 6-12mm 0.001mm Mitutoyo 616 €



2014-08-27 Tool News August 26, 2014: Kharkov Microtech on the basis of the official Ukrainian state statistics showed the best results in the export of linear-angular measurer and machine tool accessories.

 On the basis of official data of State Statistics of Ukraine for 2013 national rating program "Eksporter Іmporter-year" defined the winner of Kharkov Scientific-Production Enterprise Microtech: 

- The absolute winner of the gold winners of the rating "Importer of Ukraine 2013" in the group UKTZED 901,730 (components for the production of instrumentation and linear and angular hand SIT Microtech). See Table .; 
- The absolute winner of the gold winners of the rating "Exporter of Ukraine in 2013 by a group of UKTZED 901,730 (measuring equipment dimensional measurements production Microtech). See Table ..; 
- Silver laureate of the best "Exporter of Ukraine 2013" in the group UKTZED 846,630 (machine tool accessories production Microtech), see Table.

2014-08-23 Microtech congratulates Ukraine's Independence Day


2014-08-14 Microtech started after a corporate holiday

2014-07-14 Introducing the new budgetary digital micrometers four-button Microtech®

Microtech® offers a new budgetary digital micrometers four-button with resolution 0,001 mm.

Digital micrometers four-button

2014-07-09 Sets for 3D scanning Microtech ®

Microtech offers OPTICAL METROLOGY SET Microtech ® 3D for 3D scanning and control parts.
Acquainted with the features and capabilities of sets you can by clicking the link below:

Kits for 3D scanning

or download the file:


2014-07-08 Video about the company Microtech®

2014-07-07 Sale! Sale pneumatic

 Discounts on Pneumotool to 40%. 


ИП - 2009           1050 UAH.


ИП - 2014           1680 UAH.

2014-06-27 Microtech® Company congratulates You with the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

2014-06-16 Introducing the new digital indicators Microtech®

Microtech® offers new digital indicators with resolution 0,001 mm.

Digital indicators

2014-06-16 Sales appeared improved dial indicator

Microtech® offers new shockproof improved dial indicators with protection against moisture.

Dial indicators improved

2014-06-16 The range of ultrasonic thickness gauges Microtech®

Microtech® expanded assortment of universal ultrasonic thickness gauges with a measuring range up to 300 mm. And add the line thickness gauges increased range (up to 508 mm) and thickness gauges for paint film and coatings vortex-current with a measuring range up to 10 mm.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges Microtech

2014-06-13 Microtech® presents TM Bocchi (Italy) in Ukraine

Microtech® started cooperation with the famous Italian manufacturer of lightweight waterproof calipers TM Bocchi, which is 3-5 times lighter than standard steel calipers. All Calipers Bocchi degree of protection IP-54 and the possibility of adjusting the digital reading unit.

Calipers Bocchi (Italy) type III

2014-06-13 Commercial production of Universal digital snap gauge

Microtech® offers snap gauge with degree of protection IP-65.

Universal digital snap gauge

2014-06-13 Microtech® presents TM Kaefer (Germany) in Ukraine

Microtech® started cooperation with the famous German manufacturer of high-precision indicators TM Kaefer (Germany). Microtech® offers a basic set of indicators and equips them their precision rules of snap gauges, inside calipers, thickness gauges.

Indicators Kaefer (Germany)

2014-06-12 Went on sale radius gauge RIC-6000

Microtech® expanded assortment radius gauge with a measuring range up to 6000 mm.

Radius gauge RIC-6000

2014-06-05 The range of digital precision levels Microtech®

Microtech® expanded range of digital precision levels with resolution 0,0005 mm/m.

Extra digital precision levels

2014-06-05 A new distributor MІCROTECH® production in the Russian Federation and Republic Kazakhstan

2014-05-13 Microtech® presented by leading metrology exhibition "Control-2014" in Stuttgart new generation of micrometers for hot-rolled (800°C) and bore gages for measurement at a depth of up to 5000mm

On metrological exhibition "Control-2014" in Stuttgart was very hard to surprise on the background of huge stands leaders of the world metrology.
Kharkov Microtech ® has managed to attract visitors to its stand next competitive means of measuring its own production:
- Unique micrometer for hot rolled manufactured 100% of Ukrainian materials;
- Nutromer conventional and high accuracy for measuring the depth of the 1000-5000mm (typically up to 500mm);
- UIS for communication digital sieves PC (up to 100 devices).

2014-04-29 Stand MICROTECH at the exhibition in Stuttgart

Stand MICROTECH at the exhibition in Stuttgart Control-2014 pavilion № 7, 7220-3

2014-04-22 Schedule Enterprise holidays


2014-04-02 Available profilers MICROTECH® PM-10 and PM-80

Available profilers MICROTECH® PM-10 and PM-80

2014-04-01 The new bulletin toolmaker

The new version of the English-language bulletin toolmaker.

2014-03-31 English-language product catalog Microtech®

Download 36th issue price galleries Microtech

2014-03-28 Digital camera for stereo and metallographic microscopes 9 megapixels

Sales, digital cameras for stereo and metallographic microscopes with resolution of the matrix 9 megapixels.

2014-03-24 In the academic journal "Іnstrumentalny's World" article "Ranking linear and angular errors of measuring"


2014-03-21 In the production of micrometers Microtech ® for hot rolled IHL all imported parts have been replaced by Ukrainian

Within the "production program Microtech 2014" in the production process for micrometers garjachego rolled (800 ° C) type MGP everything imported parts replaced by Ukrainian.

Microtech ® is the only manufacturer in Europe garjachego micrometers for hire.

2014-02-26 Microtech will participate in the largest exhibition of measuring Control-2014 in Stuttgart (Germany) from 6-9 May 2014.


The new software ( software) for working with digital tools Microtech ®
MICROTECH Data System - program for displaying , archiving and mathematical processing of the measurement data of the connected digital device.

The main characteristics of the software :
- Display of measurement data from several devices simultaneously connected ;
- There are no restrictions on the type and number of connected devices ;
- Archiving of measurement data from a single device as well as from all connected devices at the same time , in MS Excel;
- To add or remove a device does not affect the other devices ;
- The ability to choose your interface language ( Russian , Ukrainian , English, German) .



2014-02-19 Action! Steel vice Microtech ® as low iron

Action! Steel vice Microtech® as low iron.

TSS-125 - 710 UAH.

TSS-150 - 960 UAH.

2014-02-17 Started production in Kharkov staples lever digital versatile Microtech ® model SRTSU-25 replacing both the MCC and SRC

Started production in Kharkov staples lever digital versatile Microtech ® model SRTSU -25 replacing both the MCC and SRC

Digital versatile clamp lever is designed to measure the external dimensions of 25 mm and an absolute method to control deviations of part dimensions relative measurement mode with respect to the base value of the measured size , replacing one as micrometers smooth and lever bracket with a measuring range from 0 mm to 25mm.


1. Measuring range 0-25 mm

2 . Readability , 0.001 mm

2014-02-10 Changes in prices of products Microtech ®

In connection with the increased purchase price of imported components, please perepodtvezhdayte price with your manager.

2014-02-07 Added video of digital precision level UBC-170 Microtech ®

Video of digital precision level UBC-170 Microtech®

2014-02-06 Added video of profilometer PM-80 Microtech ®

Video of the profilometer PM-80 Microtech ®

2014-01-20 With 01.02.2014 new prices are entered on production Microtech ®, please ask the manager.

In connection with the increased purchase price of imported components, increase the costs of the state metrological expertise and metrological control prices for tool production Microtech ® with 01.02.2014g. to grow by 4.5-5.5%. Please perepodtvezhdayte price with your manager.

If you pay before 01.02.2014.
apply  prices  2013.


2013-12-25 Results exports Microtech ® in 2013.

Kharkov Microtech ® produces measurer and snap exporting them to Russia, Georgia , Azerbaijan and UAE .

According to the nation-wide rating of Ukrainian enterprises in foreign trade " Exporter of the Year " " Importer of the Year " by the results of 2012-2013, . Private Research and Production Enterprise " Microtech " took :

First place among exporters of Ukraine ( Category " A tool for measuring length , fasteners, marking and mathematical calculations ");

Second place among exporters of Ukraine ( Category " Nuclear reactors, boilers , machinery and equipment , mechanical appliances and parts thereof ");

Ninth place among exporters of Ukraine ( Category "Devices and optical devices , photographic , cinematographic , control , measuring and precision ; ...");



2013-12-16 Reduced prices for Hardness 2013. production up to 20%

Hardness Microtech ®


2013-12-03 Metallographic microscopes MICROTECH ® in stock

Microtech ® company constantly has available more than 8 kinds of metallographic microscopes to study the structure of metals and alloys. From MMPO to express - analysis to series microscopes with increased substantive tables and polarizers. All microscopes can be equipped with digital cameras from 5 to 14 megapixel resolution, as well as software for the analysis of the structure of materials.


Metallographic microscopes







2013-11-28 18-th anniversary of the MICROTECH®

2013-11-20 Invite experts to the stand Microtech ® at the XII International Industrial Forum - 2013, November 16-22 in Kiev

2013-10-30 New issue of price-gallery measuring tools Microtech ® № 36

2013-10-29 За актуальними даними статистики реального сектору економіки України харківський МІКРОТЕХ® відзначено серебром рейтингу

За актуальними даними статистики реального сектору економіки України серед "великих та середніх підприємств" за КВЕД 26.51 "Виробництво інструменту та обладнання для вимірювання" харківський МІКРОТЕХ® (провідний виробник ЗВТ геомітричних вимірювань) відзначено у двох номінациях (див. обкладинку)

  • срібло рейтингу серед приладобудівних підприємств Харківської області
  • срібло рейтингу серед приладобудівних підприємств України

Дякуємо за високу оцінку від Національного бізнес-рейтингу і при цьому найвищею нагородою для виробничого колективу МІКРОТЕХ® напередодні 18-ої річниці (28 листопада) є лояльність та прихільність численних покупців.


2013-10-28 Decision XIII Meeting of the Working Group of the Council of Ukraine metrology measurement geometrichekih quantities agreed to by all members of the WG to the public

His decision XIII Meeting of the Working Group of the Council of metrologists Ukraine sums up the work of 2012-2013 years. and outlines new challenges for 2013-2014 . Decision XIII Meeting of the Working Group of the Council of metrologists of Ukraine:

The role of Kharkov Microtech® to expand the range of standards and working at SIT global manufacturers to equip metrology laboratories , with the inclusion in the State . Register of Ukraine ( paragraph 8)
recommended NSC "Institute of Metrology" and CHNPP " Microtech " continue to work on the harmonization of modern standards of ISO ( part 1)
recommended Kharkov Microtech ® to determine the level of competitiveness of domestic production of SIT in the world of metrology forums ( paragraph 9)

2013-10-23 From 15 to 18 October on the basis of SOEs' Krymstandartmetrologii "passed XIII Meeting of the Working Group in the field of metrology measurement of geometrical quantities

From 15 to 18 October on the basis of SOEs ' Krymstandartmetrologii " passed XIII Meeting of the Working Group of the Council of Ukraine in the field of metrology measurement of geometrical quantities , which took an active part Sec. metrological CHNPP Microtech ® Mlechin AI of the report and in discussions.

Kharkov Microtech ® as the leading manufacturer of linear and angular ITA participates in all meetings of the WG metrology of geometric quantities since 2006 .

In 2012. on the basis of national manufacturer SIT Microtech ® in Kharkiv was conducted at a high level, an enlarged meeting of the WG with 20 territorial " standartmetrology "

2013-10-02 Out of production vector profilers PM-10 PM-80

2013-08-20 MICROTECH® has mastered the production of steel balls for Rockwell hardness tester of Rockwell, Brinell, Superrockwell

The mass production of a 100% metrological control in the calibration laboratory MICROTECH® steel balls for classroom and Rockwell hardness testers Superrockwell (d = 1,588 mm) and Brinell hardness (d = 2,5 mm, 5.0 mm, 10.0 mm) manufactured by MICROTECH®, the Russian and imported.

Bulbs are in stock MICROTECH®.

2013-08-12 Indicators MICROTECH® laureates of 100 best goods of Ukraine

2013-07-15 From July 26 to August 11 - a single corporate holiday company MICROTECH®

The European tradition of Kharkov MICROTECH® goes into the summer vacation by the entire team. In 2013, corporate holiday starts on Friday, 26 July and will end on Sunday, August 11.

In the period of leave will work with You on duty managers. Manufacturing, Metrology, storage and specialists in the period of the leave does not work.

2013-07-09 MICROTECH® in Kharkov mastered laser engraving scales and line up

In the laboratory-production complex MICROTECH-Rustaveli (, Kharkov) commissioned specialized laser installation for laser engraving scales and line measures.

Specialized laser installation for laser engraving developed according to the technical task MICROTECH leading Ukrainian developers of laser technology.

The installation is equipped with linear scales MICROTECH that provides a resolution of counting 1 mm in length to 1200mm. The installation provides laser engraving rectilinear and curvilinear scales dimensions 1200х200мм thanks to the use of proven linear scales MICROTECH with by division 1 mm.

With the commissioning of the unique laser system made possible the production of a complete range of scales and line measures with the best in the CIS parameters:

a) width of the stroke the length of 0-1200:

  • 20 ± 4MK
  • 100 ± 10 µm
  • 150 ± 15ľm
  • 200 ± industry is 20 µm
  • 250 ± 25ám

b) where the distance between strokes

  • the length of 1200 plus or minus 15ľm;
  • the length 400mm plus or minus 10 µm;
  • the length of 50mm plus or minus 5 m;
  • a nonlinear scale in the field 1200х200мм ± industry is 20 µm;
  • a nonlinear scale in the field 400х200мм ± 15ľm. Samples of manufactured scales are shown in Fig.1-5

        Образцы изготавливаемых шкал приведены на рис.1-5






2013-06-26 1 July 2013. due to the rising cost of imported parts prices MICROTECH® products will increase by 2.7-3,9%

Due to the growth of the euro in the II quarter of 2013 and an increase in production costs for the purchase of components from July 1, 2013 prices for the products MICROTECH® to increase by 2.7-3,9%

2013-06-25 There are probes available in 200mm length and 300mm

Probes MICROTECH® production

2013-06-07 Due to the current changes in product prices MICROTECH® please specify prices at managers

2013-06-06 Three points bore gages increased accuracy

MICROTECH® began production of three-point bore gages measuring range from 2 to 1000 mm and depth measurements up to 5000 mm. Measurement accuracy is 2-4 pm in line with European and Japanese counterparts at a price of 7-10 times lower.

Micrometrical bore gage MICROTECH® are both tapered and spindle design. The spindle design allows Nutromery produce micrometer-wide measurement range: 50-70mm, 70-100mm, 100-150mm, 200-500mm and 200-1000mm with any number of extensions up to 2-2.5 m.

Three points bore gages increased accuracy MICROTECH®

2013-06-05 The bore gages of high accuracy with digital and analog display

MICROTECH® offers bore gages measuring range from 6 to 1000mm and depth measurements up to 5 meters.

The bore gages НИ can be completed by indicators ИЧ, ИЧЦ, ИГ, и МИГЦ that allows you to select the desired level of accuracy. All НИ included in the state register of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The bore gages of high accuracy with digital and analog display MICROTECH®

2013-05-30 MICROTECH® offers a sharpening machine for end mills SKF-50

Machine for sharpening end mills MICROTECH® СКФ-50

2013-05-24 The automated system for calibration of indicators

MICROTECH® offers its new development: automatic and semi-automatic systems for calibrating indicators ИЧ-05, ИЧ-10, ИЧ-25, ИЧ-30, ИЧ-50, 1МИГ.

This system allows you to calibrate automatically, without operator intervention at a rate of 2 points/sec. and an accuracy of at least 50mm less than 2.5 microns.

The automated system MICROTECH® for calibration of indicators

2013-05-22 Universal calibration device MICROTECH®

MICROTECH® has developed a semi-automatic calibration indicators, bore gages and micrometers to 10 mm with a scale of 0.1 microns, and digital display.

More detailed information is available by clicking on the following links: Digital gauge testet MICROTECH® КИНЦ-10


2013-05-19 Production program MICROTECH® presents in Moscow at the exhibition "Metal - 2013" Ltd. "Intertekhnika"

Ltd. "Intertekhnika" distributor base leading Ukrainian manufacturer of measuring instruments Microtech ®, is a production program in 2013. Chief Technologist Microtech ® will answer all the questions of experts on the stand "Intertekhnika" May 27-31 in Moscow at the exhibition "Metal - 2013". 10 types of measuring tools Microtech ® are included in the State Register of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Place the stand: Hall 2, Hall 5, seat 52s60.

2013-04-25 Calipers

Microtech offers manufacturing of custom calipers ШЦ a working range of up to 6000mm and sponges from 250mm to 600mm

2013-04-25 Rulers

Microtech offers production rulers with a working range up to 5000mm

2013-04-23 Due to the current changes in product prices MICROTECH® please specify prices at managers

2013-04-15 State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine has extended to 2023, the certificate MICROTECH®


Brand  MICROTECH® is used by Kharkov MICROTECH, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools

2013-04-12 State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine has extended to 2023, the certificate ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE INSTRUMENT®


Brand ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE INSTRUMENT® is used by Kharkov MICROTECH, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools

2013-04-11 State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine has extended to 2023, the certificate BULLETIN TOOLMAKER®


Brand BULLETIN TOOLMAKER® is used by Kharkov MICROTECH, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools

2013-04-09 Ukrtelecom has eliminated the problem. Contact resumed in full!

2013-04-08 Due the accident at Ukrtelecom please call directly to managers on mobile numbers:

Due the accident at Ukrtelecom please call directly to managers on mobile numbers:

  • (050) 401-57-56 Черников Сергей Юрьевич
  • (050) 400-42-40 Долгих Денис Федорович
  • (050) 400-57-61 Матушкина Татьяна Константиновна
  • (050) 402-43-39 Боровая Татьяна Борисовна
  • (050) 400-32-23 Черникова Светлана Владимировна

2013-03-05 By the end of 2012. Kharkov MICROTECH marked the 2nd place among the exporters of Ukraine in the category of 901780 "Devices of control and measuring"

National Business-rating according to the results of non-commercial rating of the enterprises of Ukraine for the year 2012 awarded Kharkiv MICROTECH 2nd place in the category "Measurement instrumentation" (The Ukrainian classification of goods of foreign economic activity code 901780) on the results of the official state statistics.

2013-02-28 Kharkov MICROTECH measuring tools according to the official data of the State statistics 2012 is marked by a «Silver rating in the category of» Production of control and measuring instruments» in the Kharkiv region

National "Business-rating", compiled according to the official data of 2012 the State statistics of Ukraine in the real sector of the economy on КВЕД 33.20.1 «Production of control and measuring instruments» awarded enterprise MICROTECH status of «Silver rating» among the enterprises of the Kharkov region.

2013-02-26 In January 2013 NTK the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine has approved the results of successful State-controlled trials 2 types of MICROTECH measuring tools

In January 2013 together with the specialists of the SE «Харьковстандартметрология» completed the planned State control tests of 2 types of measuring tools MICROTECH production:

  • Bore gages,  electronical bore gages, inside dial gages;
  • Lever-toothed indicators with digital readout.

The results of State Testing approved by the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine in the NTK in February 2013.

2013-02-25 In December2013 NTK the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine has approved the results of successful State-controlled trials 8 types of MICROTECH measuring tools

In 2012 together with the specialists of the se «Харьковстандартметрология» carried out planned State control tests of 8 types of MICROTECH measuring tools:

  • Micrometers;
  • Calipers;
  • Three points micrometric bore gages;
  • Two points micrometric bore gages;
  • Dial indicator;
  • Digital indicators;
  • Lever-toothed indicators;
  • Setsquaers.

The results of State Testing approved by the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine in 2012 year.

2013-02-20 From the MICROTECH® production released a large batch Centering indicator ЦИ-3

Centering indicator MICROTECH ®

2013-02-01 MICROTECH offers 3D verification by CMM

MICROTECH offers You the service of a three-dimensional measurements of the details on coordinate measuring machine КВM-554М. Used in conjunction with the coordinate measuring machine MICROTECH software CMM Manager (USA), gives the possibility to measure almost all of the geometric parameters of the details, including: planes, circles, lines, curves, cylinders, cones, complex relief, teeth, spatial areas.

In results 3D verification of the details on CMM MICROTECH® model КВМ-554М you get the results of measurements:

  • in the electronic presentation, in formats that are compatible with CAD systems;
  • in the form of a Protocol comparison 3D measurements details with its nominal size (relative to the template or the drawing of the detail);
  • in the form of a printout of measuring Protocol of details in the agreed form.

To familiarize with more detailed information click on the link below:

3D verification MICROTECH®


From MICROTECH production came out a hardness tester HBRV with digital indication and automatic supply.

You can familiarize with more detailed information by clicking on the following link: Universal hardness tester MICROTECH®

2013-01-23 MICROTECH mastered the production of indicators ИЧ-03

From February 1, 2013 from the MICROTECH production released the first party of indicators ИЧ-03. More detailed information You can get by following the link below:

Dial indicators MICROTECH®

2013-01-16 Portable hardness tester ТПУ-1

MICROTECH offers portable hardness tester ТПУ-1. Portable hardness testers is characterized by a wide range of measurements, high-speed measurements and the presence of all the major scales. More detailed information You can obtain at the following link:

Portable hardness tester MICROTECH®

2013-01-15 Chucks to cone DIN 55027

We present the lathe chucks on the cone according to DIN 55027 (analogue of Bizon, the standard of Poland type 3534). The main dimensions are always in stock.

Lathe chucks to cone DIN55027 MICROTECH®

2013-01-11 Steel lightweight vises with the anvil at super price!

We offer to Your attention steel lightweight vises MICROTECH with the anvil at super price! To find out more information about the characteristics and prices click on the link below:

Steel lightweight vises MICROTECH® with the anvil

































































2011-11-28 В 16-ую годовщину МИКРОТЕХ® "МУЗЕЙ ИНСТРУМЕНТА" предприятия пополнился раритетным угломером 1934 года от Зинишина Юрия Васильевича



























































2010-09-07 Update materials site. Price gallery №29

2010-09-01 Conditions for distributors and dealers





2010-06-17 Vacancy manager of sales department in connection with increased production MICROTECH®


2010-04-21 Invite experts! MicroTech ® on the international scientific-technical and scientific-methodical conference "nanohardness and modern nanotechnology"



























2009-05-27 Завершились ГКИ. Госреестр Украины на угломеры продлен до 2012 г.

2009-05-26 Участие в выставке «Машиностроение, металлургия-2009» (Запорожье)

Приглашаем посетить стенд МИКРОТЕХ на выставке «Машиностроение, металлургия-2009» в Запорожье 26-29 мая. Будет продемонстрирована новая разработка: беспроводная передача данных на ПК с цифрового мерительного инструмента. 

2009-05-10 Участие в выставке «Машиностроение -2009» (Донецк)

МИКРОТЕХ будет представлять образцы своей продукции на выставке Машиностроение -2009»в Донецке 13-16 мая (совместно с фирмой «Галатея», представителем МИКРОТЕХ в Донецком регионе). 

2009-04-28 Участие в выставке Metal-working tool (Киев)

На весенней выставке Metal-working tool (Киев) стенд МИКРОТЕХ был практически единственным в категории промышленного инструмента. 

2009-04-20 Динамометры МИКРОТЕХ

За 3 месяца 2009 года произведены и поставлены потребителям свыше 200 сертифицированных динамометров МИКРОТЕХ 

2009-04-10 Приобретаем для "Музея инструмента"

2009-03-25 Выпуск партии сертифицированных динамометров

Выпуск партии из 90 шт. сертифицированных динамометров ДА-500 для проведения ТО автомобилей.

2009-01-25 Системы калибровки КМД