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  • Aberlink (UK)

    Aberlink - a remarkable Metrology success story.

    Creating reliable, intelligent, affordable measurement solutions for manufacturing

    Since the launch of our first ground-breaking Coordinate Measuring Machine, the best-selling Axiom, Aberlink have earned a global reputation for producing a range of affordable CMMs and Optical Measuring Systems - recognised internationally for quality, accuracy, robustness, speed and ease of use.

    Incorporated in 1993, Aberlink has an impressive record of growth founded on innovation. This has been the background for all our patent protected product development over the last 26 years with the tagline ‘Innovative Metrology’ firmly at the heart of company philosophy.

    From our headquarters in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire, England we are engaged in every aspect of providing industry with innovative metrology products that are reliable, cost effective and above all easy to use. Through our distributor network in over 40 countries worldwide we provide all sectors of manufacturing with world class sales and aftercare service.

    Chosen by large and small companies throughout the world, our comprehensive range of CMMs and Optical Measuring Systems are commonplace within demanding market sectors, such as: Aerospace, Automotive/Autosport, Electronics, Oil and Medical industries - Safety critical fields where precision is a pre-requisite. In addition to the reputation we enjoy in our domestic market, our increasing global standing means that we currently export a remarkable 81% of our output. As our products are now sold into virtually every country throughout the industrialised world, we ensure that our extensive network of overseas agents are able to provide levels of service and training to match the high quality of our products.

    A steadfast commitment to R&D, allied to our understanding of global industries measuring requirements, has ensured a steady stream of commercially successful product launches. Our understanding of the principles of design-for-manufacturing, the use of advanced materials and an innovative approach to metrology, helps our creative, design-lead company's range of products to deliver class-leading performance. As our customers are the world's most demanding consumers - Quality Professionals - our skilled workforce remain committed to producing the highest quality products possible.

    Aberlink's products and services provide customers with remarkable value for money. This has been achieved by producing a fully self-contained business model from day one. Because we machine all the components for the machines ourselves, we understand the manufacturing process fully, and clever design for-manufacture ensures simple and reliable products with no redundant costs. All assembly of the machines is performed on-site in Gloucestershire, where the software is also written in-house. We are a fully integrated company with minimal external costs and that is why we are able to offer the amazing value for which Aberlink has become renowned throughout the world.

    Download catalogue: Aberlink.pdf

  • ACCRETECH (Japan)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine ACCRETECH Measuring instruments for surfaces, form and contours.
  • Affri (Italy)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine AFFRI hardness testers.

  • AMScope (USA)

    Microtech introduces AMScope production.
    For over 15 years, has been the #1 online retail store specializing in selling microscopes and accessories in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and now in the Europe. A division of United Scope LLC., AmScope has the industry’s leading a of microscopes, microscopes cameras, accessories and other related products. The company’s products are designed for professionals, students, and hobbyists and are used in laboratories, research facilities, businesses, schools and universities throughout the world. The company prides itself on providing high quality products, unbeatable prices, the largest selection, and personalized customer service worldwide.
  • baty(UK)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine ACCRETECH Measuring instruments for surfaces, form and contours
  • Digi-Pas Technologies

  • FMS Steimeyer (Germany)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine Steinmeyer products.
    August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG is an experienced partner in the development, manufacture and application of high-precision ball screws. Typical applications for ball screws are found in machine tool manufacturing, mechatronics, the optical industry, medical technology and the aerospace industry. The company, based in Albstadt, Baden-Württemberg, is part of the Steinmeyer Group and counts consisderably companies from all over the world among its customers.
  • Kaefer (Germany)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine Käfer indicators.

    Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1932 as a mechanical workshop for dial gauges.

    Today, Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is the largest independent manufacturer of dial gauges and gauge devices in Europe with more than 100 employees at our headquarter (Villingen-Schwenningen in Germany, near the Southern Black Forest).

    With our many years of expertise in design, manufacture and quality control, we manufacture according to the latest production standards and with consistently high quality.
    The big variety of different Käfer Dial Gauges is sold through our broad network of retailers worldwide.

    Käfer do not just manufacture our well-known models at the Villingen-Schwenningen location, but also special dial gauges according to customer requirements.

  • Kroeplin

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine Kroeplin caliper gauges.

    Kroeplin has been manufacturing sophisticated measuring devices ever since the start of the company’s history.

    Even after more than 125 years, the wide range of measurement related problems posed by a wide-ranging customer base provide us with our impetus for the development and production of measurement tests compatible with workshops.

    It was the careful monitoring of the market and orientation to the requirements of the customers that led to the successful development of the quick test system.

  • Mahr

    Wide known Mahr company is on the 3rd place in production of full range of measuring tools.  Mahr measuring tools from calipers to optically-tactile devices operating in nano range can be applied in automotive industry, machine construction, precision tools and optical engineering and also in research activities for  for accurate measurement tolerances and deviations of the lengths, shapes and surface details. New Mahr items are the basis for further technical and economic progress in all industry fields. New Mahr items measuring technology in almost all areas of production are the basis for further technical and economic progress.

  • Renishaw(UK)

    Renishaw accessories for Aberlink (UK) CMM

  • Roeckle

    MICROTECH represents in Ukraine the German high-quality ROECKLE levels with ampoule and digital indication.
  • Sylvac (Swiss)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine Sylvac products.
    Based in French-speaking Switzerland, a region described as the cradle of cutting-edge microtechnology, Sylvac SA develops, designs and manufactures digital measuring systems and instruments for industrial use. Drawing on a resourceful mix of expertise in electronics, mechanics and metrology, our high-precision products are renowned for their innovation and highly prized Swiss quality.
    Despite its modest size in global terms, Sylvac SA has become one of the world's leading companies in the field of dimensional measurement. Sylvac instruments are distributed across over 50 countries by a network of loyal representatives who offer them to their customers, among which are several prestigious brands that place their trust in us.
  • TRC-group (Італія)

    MICROTECH introduce in Ukraine TRC products.
    TRC GROUP SRL is a leading company in manufacturing and distribution of high precision measuring instruments and machines and high performance mechanical items.

    The continue reaserch of new solutions and new techonologies makes this young company as new point of reference in mechanical field.

    Our main target is to listen and understand the customer’s needs giving them products more competitive and innovative.

    Our daily challenge is to offer a fast and reliable customer service with immediate answers and short lead times both for standard and special items. 

Showing 1 - 24 of 27 items