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Portable roughness tester Lite Surf

New product

The new LITEsurf roughness tester was born from the forty-year experience that SM has in measuring and designing roughness tester for production areas. 

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139 392,00 грн

Data sheet

Data output Bluetooth +USB
Измерительный интервал Х 17.5
Измерительный интервал Z ±250
Accuracy, % 3
Дискретность , мкм 0.001

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The new LITEsurf roughness tester was born from the forty-year experience that SM has in measuring and designing roughness tester for production areas. This is why we know well what are the characteristics that are really necessary for an instrument of this family that has to go to work there right with you: compactness, robustness, ease of use and clarity of the results, these are the characteristics that they will make LITEsurf the ideal partner for roughness characterizing on your parts. Are you considering buying a new palmtop roughness tester? We accept the challenge, because we are sure that the new LITEsurf roughness tester is a step forward compared to the other opponents! Are you not convinced? We give you 5 good reasons!

Connectivity: Today technology allows us to share information quickly and easily, can your new roughness tester do it? The new LITEsurf, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and USB connection, allows you to connect the smartphones, tablets and PCs in an intuitive and fast way, then sharing information with the rest of the world.

Flexibility: you want, with a single instrument, to measure zones horizontally, vertically, up / down or sideways, many will answer you impossible, but LITEsurf can do all this. Through the probe rotatable laterally by 90 ° and to the balanced and preloaded sensor, each area of the piece can be measured.

Robustness: A robust palmtop roughness tester with few plastic and a lot of metal? Difficult to find on the market you will think. But is not so! The LITEsurf has a light alloy body machined from solid combined with a PC / ABS body that guarantee high rigidity with high impact resistance. The tool that is not afraid of the bumps and accidental falls inevitable in normal use in production.

Reporting: Do you need to generate customized reports with company logo, description, notes and even a photo of the measured detail and save them in a standard format such as in PDF or Excel for easy sharing and archiving? Many will offer you additional paid software and perhaps not so flexible; LITEsurf by connecting to an external device such as your Smartphone or tablet on which the free "Roughness studio base" APP is installed, can do all this with ease.

Battery life: How often are battery-powered devices discharged just when they are needed? We as you know it well, for this reason a sophisticated charge management system has been integrated into the LITEsurf which performs a full charge in 50 minutes, guaranteeing 10 hours of work and at least 300 roughness measurements. Don't you have this time? Just give us 3 minutes of charge and we guarantee you to perform at least 20 measurements.

The LITEsurf is charged via the same cable and charger that you use to charge your Smartphone or Tablet (USB type C), a nice simplification!

The instrument can analyze surface features along with dimensional ones, thanks to the interchangeable styluses for both roughness and profilometry.