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CCD-USBII Camera for Aberlink CMMs



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Aberlink offers a video camera for non-contact measurements. The clever design of the magnetic kinematic coupling allows the measuring head to be changed to the camera in a few seconds. This means that parts can be monitored with a touch probe and video system on the same machine.
The camera has a theocentric lens that does not distort the image on the monitor. The camera also has a light ring that consists of 16 white and ultraviolet LEDs. The white LEDs provide direct illumination of the surface, while the UV LEDs provide an ingenious solution to the backlighting problem on the СЬЬ- the part to be measured is placed on a plate that contains a special reflective paper. This is another example of Aberlink's innovative approach to solving metrology problems.


- Switching between contact sensor and video camera in seconds
- Use of touch probe and video technology in a single inspection program
- Highly accurate boundary detection for feature inspection
- Thread measurement - / Max./ Medium, left / right handed, effective diameter
- Fully programmable digital zoom (no need to change lenses)
- Direct illumination and back illumination for profile and surface inspection

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