Extra long jaw digital caliper 0-1000mm IP67

МІКРОТЕХ (Україна)

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This light  micron calipers has 1000 mm range.

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139 656,00грн

  • jaw 400mm
  • губка 600мм

Data sheet

Country of manufactureUkraine
Measuring range ,mm0-1000
Accuracy, mm±0,040
Resolution ,mm0.01
Length of jaws ,mm400/600
Wireless data output+
Computerized indication+
Data outputRS-232

More info

Light  long jaw calipers are made from aluminium with steel rolls for easy sliding and high accuracy and repeatability. Weight of aluminium light caliper with long jaws starting from 2,7 kg.
Main advantage of this precision caliper is using computerized measuring system from MICROTECH.
It has 0.001 mm resolution and higher accuracy, then competitors calipers.
MICROTECH also equipped this caliper with Force control module, that gives possibility measure all time with a same Force. This patented technology improve accuracy of caliper up to 5 micron, that’s much more better then standard calipers.
This light  micron calipers has 1000 mm range.
Also computerized measuring module of caliper equipped with internal memory, Go/NoGo functions with color indication, Max/min, Formula function, manual temperature and error compensation.
Color display and Touchscreen provides high usability of micron caliper.
It’s not necessary spend extra money for batteries, about Built in rechargeable Li-pol battery.
Built in Wireless data transfer module gives possibility transfer measuring data and data from memory to MICROTECH MDS software. There are modifications of Software for Windows, Android, iOS devices.
All MICROTECH long jaw calipers pass metrological control in accredited ISO 17025 metrological laboratory.

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