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Automatic 3D Xtreme 640x1200x500


Aberlink (UK)

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Automatic 3D Xtreme 640x1200x500

  • Does not need a compressor
  • Built-in temperature control - accuracy is maintained even when temperature is not controlled
  • A revolutionary easy-to-use Aberlink software
  • Shortest training cycle - 1 day even without basic CVM skills

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47 760,00 €

Data sheet

Measuring range ,мм640x1200x500
Resolution ,мм0,0005
Working processautomatic
Accuracy, mkm2,1+0,4L/100
Materialgranite or combined base
Max detail weight, kg300 (500)
Movement speed, mm / s600
Condition of using0-45 °C
Complectationcomes with a 22 ”PC, printer, TP20 Renishaw head and probe set
Country of manufactureUK

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Designed using a non-Cartesian structure, linear motors and mechanical bearings, the Xtreme KVM provides reliable solutions for most tasks. Unique CVM retains its accuracy at very high measurement speeds and does not suffer from the accumulation of errors existing in conventional 3-axis Cartesian CVM designs.
Xtreme is a fully standalone KVM. It has no air bearings, so there is no need to supply compressed air to the KVM - just plug it into the mains. Built-in temperature control and compactness allow Xtreme to be placed where needed.
The unique advantage of Xtreme is that all the levers are temperature controlled.
This means that measurement accuracy is maintained, even at unstable ambient temperatures.
Xtreme's innovative KVM is a development of KVM technologies, however, at a rather attractive price. This is the main reason why the new Xtreme has a significant impact on the market.