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Automatic 3D Xtreme TOO HS 640x900x500


Aberlink (UK)

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Automatic 3D Xtreme TOO HS 640x900x500

Does not need a compressor
Built-in temperature control - accuracy is maintained even when temperature is not controlled
A revolutionary easy-to-use Aberlink software
Shortest training cycle - 1 day even without basic CVM skills

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45 540,00 €

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Measuring range ,мм 640x900x500
Resolution ,мм 0,0001
Working process automatic
Accuracy, mkm 1,8+0,4L/100
Material granite or combined base
Max detail weight, kg 300 (500)
Movement speed, mm / s 866
Condition of using 0-45 °C
Complectation комплектується ПК з монітором 22”, принтер, головка TP20 Renishaw та набір щупів
Country of manufacture UK

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Since 2004, the Axiom coordinate measuring machine has also provided industrial manufacturers with a quick and accurate solution to their metrological tasks. But Aberlink is constantly striving to improve the solutions it offers. The Axiom too HS coordinate measuring machine is faster and more accurate than the standard model, without losing the optimum value for money that Aberlink is famous for. Instead of the Axiom too HS belt drive system, there is a drive rod that is used on large machines. Thanks to this, more acceleration is achieved, allowing you to make changes about 20% faster than the standard version. Axiom too HS uses linear encoders with a discreteness of 0.1 microns on each axis and a built-in error correction card, making the Axiom too HS the most accurate machine among Aberlink's.

• Complete with sub-micron scale for highest precision • Short training cycle • Y-axis measurement range from 600 to 1500 mm • Non-idle actuator system for high acceleration and fast travel • Suitable for shop floor applications • Optimized air bearing design with all-aluminum portal and granite table • FREE software updates

• Official distributor in Ukraine of MICROTECH