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PH10M manual head for Aberlink CMMs



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Length, мм450

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Renishaw PH10M, 10M PLUS and PH10MQ Plus heads feature the AM2 adjustment module and TP7M probe, which repetitively reorients the probe to any of 720 positions in 7.5° increments.

PH10M PLUS and PH10MQ PLUS heads feature motorized indexing heads that reorient the sensor to any of 720 positions in 7.5° increments with high repeatability.
An automatic swivel mount ensures repeatable sensor positioning
Torque capable of lifting a 300 mm (11.81 in.) extension rod
Full multi-wire capability for sensors such as the TP7M and SP25M
Quick automatic sensor exchange via ACR1 or ACR3
Adjustment modules AM1 for PH10M PLUS and AM2 for PH10MQ PLUS for aligning the sensor head to the machine
PH10MQ PLUS fits inside the quill for a neater and shorter sensor mount

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