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Roundness tester R250

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Data sheet

Weight, kg 280
Диаметр стола ,мм 250
Максимальный диаметр детали , мм 500
Максимальная нагрузка та стол , кг 50
Погрешность стола ,мм 0.1
Ход колонны, мкм 300
Прямолинейность ,мкм 0.8
Скорость измерения ,мм/с 0.5-2
Ход измерительной руки ,мм 300

More info

R250 roundness tester was conceived from the need to characterise pieces with circular and even complex geometries with utmost accuracy, and it is the ideal instrument to satisfy multiple measurement needs in the mechanical, motor, aerospace and machine manufacturing industries.

Thanks to its solid structure consisting of a base made in diabase and pneumostatically supported plate, it can accurately measure pieces of also considerable weight.

The device is matched to Circom software that was conceived to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use, thus allowing to train an operator within a short period of time, reducing training and testing costs.

The software allows to analyse the following geometric tolerances: roundness, linearity, cylindricity, conicity, cone shape, concentricity, parallelism, coaxiality, run out, total run out, thickness variation. For complex surfaces where gaps are present, Circom is able to eliminate them automatically or the operator can intervene manually, removing inconsistent profile sections.

Integrative packages can be added to the basic application, such as for example harmonic analysis that, through FFT algorithm, allows to analyse each single sinusoidal component of the measured profile, essential with regards to bearings.