EXTRA - LONG JAW caliper


МІКРОТЕХ (Україна)

New product

• State Register of Ukraine # U1987-09; tified effort (Pat. UA104879)
• Sponges up to 1000mm
• Wireless data transfer module on Windows PC and Android devices
• The bar is made of aluminum
• Roller guide rails
• 100% metrological control ISO 17025, 12 months warranty
• Certificate ISO 17025 or Certificate of state verification to order
• Production of MICROTECH (Ukraine)

More details

2 740,00 €

Data sheet

Measuring range ,мм 0-1500
Resolution ,мм 0.001
Accuracy, mkm ±0,170
Длина губок 800
Digital indication +
Country of manufacture Украина

More info

This MICROTECH  light-alloy Extra Long Jaw Caliper is lightweight and highly durable.   Microtech produce for order with different range of measuring and jaw length.  For Large Size Caliper max available range of measurement 5000 mm or 15 feet . Maxx Jaw Length 1000 mm or 3 feet( or 40 inch). This computer digital vernier caliper has a direct readout of ID measurements from the TFT screen and modification with Built-in Wireless data output module for data transfer to Windows PC or Android devices. Offset value can easily be set by pressing the offset key.

Functions Max/Min value, average, export to XLS, PDF or manufacture network available.

Hi precision measuring surface made exactly to pass ISO 17025 calibration as a whole. Measuring surface of Extra Long Jaw Caliper must be tight placed directly for each other. Our steel base can give stable work for the years.

Special jaws for our customers ;  we can produce different kind jaws: internal, distance, big square measuring contact …

Big base of heavy duty Extra long Jaw Electronic Calipers gives high quality results wich certified with ISO  17025. Roll Sliding system "2x Roll" proved by years. Calipers may read to a resolution of 0.001 mm or 0.00005 in, but accuracy may not be better than about ±0.07 mm or 0.0035 in for 1000 mm (40 in) calipers, and worse for longer ones.

This caliper is supplied in a fitted wooden case.

Weight of aluminium base Long Jaw caliper  depend for range of measuring.

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