Form control
Shape deviation - deviation of a real surface from a geometric or nominal one.  The surface roughness is not taken into account.  Modern measuring instruments (СИТ) for controlling the shape can use the contact method (round gauges, bienimers) and the non-contact method (optical machine for controlling the shape).

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  • Bench center

    Beater with an indicator head with special tips and with the centers in which the wheel is mounted, are used to control the radial runout of the ring gear.

    During the control, the tip of the biomeasure is successively introduced into all the hollows of the wheel and the greatest difference of readings along the head is calculated, which characterizes the radial runout of the ring gear.

    - Production MICROTECH (Ukraine)

  • Roundness tester

    - production of MICROTECH (Ukraine) from Italian components

    - measured parameters: roundness, flatness, cylindricity, taper, alignment, runout, change in thickness, parallelism, etc.

    - CIRCOM Italy software is used for work (in the basic delivery).

    Диаметр стола, мм160250450
    Макс. измер. диаметр, мм3005001000
    Максимальная нагрузка на стол, кг2050120
    Диапазон перемещений стола, мм±3±3±5
    Диапазон перемещений стола, град±2°±2°±1°
    Точность стола, мкм0,10,10,1
    Ход колонны, мм400300500
    Подвод колонныавтомат.автомат.автомат.
    Прямолинейность не более, мкм0,80,80,5
    Скорость измерения, мм/с0,5-20,5-20,5-10
    Ход измерительной руки, мм175300500
    Подвод рукиавтомат.автомат.автомат.
    Скорость позиционирования, мм/с0-150-150-15
    Масса, кг58280420
    Цена, Евро375005300072900


  • Optical measuring machines

    Swiss measuring machines Sylvac for checking the cylindricality of parts make it possible to measure the shape of complex objects without contact with high accuracy.
    They allow to quickly measure parts of the type of bodies of revolution in shop conditions.

  • Gear Testers