The MICROTECH Calibration laboratory has been ISO 17025 accredited since 2017 and pass re-acreditation every year (Accreditation certificate No 40051)

Scope of MICROTECH calibration lab accreditation: calipers, micrometers, indicators, thickness gauges, height gauges, bore gauges, rulers, radius gauges, CMM, length machines, gauge blocks  push-pull gauges, hardness testers and other.
Our laboratory equipped with precision automatic CMM’s and measuring arm, vision machine, Trimos, Carl Zeiss and custom made length measuring machines with length up to 3500 mm, FMS-Steinmeyer automatic dial gauge and precision indicator testing system, Carl Zeiss measuring microscope, Taylor Hobson round measurer, Taylor Hobson lab roughness surface profile measurer and a lot of calibration stands and lab equipment.
We offer accredited calibration service for MICROTECH and other brands instruments. 
All MICROTECH instruments pass 100% metrological control in our accredited laboratory and supplying with calibration protocol.
MICROTECH R&D department with our metrology can  develop, manufacturing  and control custom-made gauges and make updates of instruments and calibration equipment.

Calibration laboratory MICROTECH certified by ISO 17025  (Ilac)