Exhibitions 2021

During 2021 MICROTECH will have stand on such International industrial shows:

Vietnamese MICROTECH distributor - EMA Engineering introduced MICROTECH computerized and precision measuring instruments on Vinamac Expo 2021.

October 19 - 21, 2021Control-Stom (Kielce, Poland)
November 16-19 2021International Industrial Forum in

MICROTECH computerized instruments with Wireless data transfer on XX International industrial forum in Kyiv.

Really great customers interest and responce.

MICROTECH Computerized micron caliper awarded like most innovated metrological product on Control-Stom show in Kielce (Poland).

Exhibitions 2020

MICROTECH take part on Kyiv industrial forum -2020 with own Industry 4.0 computerized instruments and with distribution EU and USA top brands: Aberlink, Trimos, Sylvac, Kaefer, Kroeplin, Mark-10

Exhibitions 2019

MECSPE (26-28/03/2019, Parma, Italy)


Control (7-10.05.2019, Stuttgart, Germany)


MICROTECH tools presented by TESTUP


TRD-trading formHungary demonstrate MICROTECH precision instruments on MACH-TECH 2019 fair in Budapest   


Italia instruments introduce new MICROTECH computerized instruments on Metalshow-2019 in Bucharest.


     Nano Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co, Ltd demonstrated MICROTECH precision instruments and wireless data transfer solutions on 15th China (Tianjin) International Industrial Expo exhibition

CYM demonstrate Innovative MICROTECH measuring instruments on industrial Expo manufacture exhibition in Mexico

MICROTECH products on IMTEX-2019 show with official Indian distributor Bombay tools.

Germany distributor METAV demonstrate MICROTECH instruments on Moulding Expo in Stuttgart

MICROTECH distributor in Czech and Slovakia successfully demonstrate MICROTECH instruments ion industrial show in Nitra

                                                          Exhibitions 2018

MICROTECH days is asia with INTEC Percision (Singapore) and EMA Engineering (Vietnam).  

  TM-Technik (Czech) introduced innovative MICROTECH instruments on MSV exhibition in Brno.

MECSPE (22-24/03/2018, Parma, Italy)

Exhibitions 2017 

Control-2017 (09.05-12.05, Stuttgart, Germany)






"Mechanical engineering. Metallurgy - 2017 "(23.05-25.05, Zaporozhye, Ukraine)


 Industrial Exhibition in Nitra (Slovakia)


Precision MICROTECH devices and wireless system at the TM-Technik stand at MSV Brno

MICROTECH tools presented by CYM (Mexico) at the ETMS industrial exhibition


More than 1500 visitors to the MICROTECH stand at the Industrial Forum in Kiev got acquainted with the innovative MICROTECH meter, precision Aberlink coordinate measuring machines, FMS-Steinmeyer calibration equipment, Trimos, Sylvac and Kaefer meter, Affri hardness testers.