MICROTECH is Ukrainian high precision instruments manufacturer, that was founded in 1995.  Our  factory and developing department is  basing on Kharkiv. and certified by ISO 9001:2015. All MICROTECH measuring instruments pass 100% metrological control in ISO 17025 accredited metrological laboratory with calibration protocol. The computerized control system in all manufacturing and metrological departments gives possibility reduce the defect rate. 

Since 2014 MICROTECH developed and patented over 75 types of high-precision innovative measuring instruments. Most innovative and smart of them are:
-  Computerized instruments (Pat. US10184722) with color Touchscreen microcomputer that has such functions like: Formula, Go/NoGo, Max/Min, Timers, Memory, Wireless & USB data transfer, Temperature & Mathematical error compensation. Using Innovative computerized electronics on classical metrological products gives possibilities to have sub-micron resolution on indicators, micrometer, thickness gauges, bore gauges and micron accuracy on calipers and height gauges. Also computerized electronic system gives a lot of advantages in usability. It’s really Industry 4.0 adopted instruments.
Calipers with Force control (Pat.US10429165). MICROTECH Force control modules gives possibility with high quality micron resolution electronics reach accuracy up to 5 micron. For Soft-materials measuring we propose calipers with Low-Force control module (0.8N).
- Transformer wide range micrometers up to 10000 mm, that has modules construction for easy transportation
- Transformer bore gauge with measuring range up to 1000mm and depth up to 10000mm, that can be equipped with camera system for positioning inside deep holes.
- Sub-micron Calibration stands for indicators, bore gauges, ruler controls
Radius computerized gauges with maximum radius range up to 32m
1D and 2D computerized height gauges
- All MICROTECH Computerized and Wireless instruments gives possibility long range transfer data up to 50m. MICROTECH propose FREE version of MDS Software for data collecting and processing for Windows, Android, iOS systems.

MICROTECH has own research, design and IT department that gives possibility in quick terms develop non-standard instruments and stands according customers requests.

For now MICROTECH has over 50 distributors Worldwide and exports instruments to all continents. 


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