Warranty and service

1. Service, modernization with full metrological control of your analog
and digital, linear-angular, dynamometric FZZ Ukrainian (MICROTECH)
and imported production (Mitutoyo, Mahr, Tesa, Kafer, Sylvac and others) in our
production with a real guarantee of 12 months.
2. Modernization and capital maintenance of your obsolete equipment:
Milling and other machine tools, instrumental and universal microscopes
by establishing precision linear scales and BHC with a discreteness of 1 and 0.5 μm;
-Optimetric (ICG and SCR), measuring machines (ISM) by establishing
our micron optometrovyh tubes or Swiss nano-feelers.
3. Automation of your measuring, control and technological
- establishment of micron and submicron indicator or micrometric
scales, Swiss nanopods with the possibility of wireless communication;
- the establishment of patented micron or submicron computer
Indicators and micrometric heads, Swiss nano-feelers to your stands;
- providing your equipment with a wired or wireless connection with a PC,
tablet, smartphone.
4. Local debugging and alignment of your FTZ for verification in accordance with GOST 3215 95 or
calibration according to ISO17025 with the corresponding documents:
- "Calibration certificate" according to ISO17025 in an accredited laboratory
- "Verification certificate" according to DSTU 3215: 95 or "Certificate of calibration" according to DSTU 3215: 95
ISO17025 in "NSC Institute of Metrology", State Enterprise "Kharkivstandartmetrologiya", GP
"Zaporozhye-standard-metrology", SE "Nikolaevstandartmetrologiya".
5. Equipping your metrology laboratories with working standards,
FTZs, metrological equipment for your accreditation on international
standard ISO17025.
6. Develop (according to your order) calibration procedures for international
standard ISO17025 linear-angular and dynamometric FTZ.
7. 3D, 2D control of your details by our certified KVM,
video projector and precision FTA with the provision of the "Measurement Protocol".
8. Development, manufacture and certification of single samples of metrological
stands and special FTAs ​​for your needs.
9. Development and manufacturing of wireless communication between your stands and the FTA with a PC.
10. Modernization of your control stands by installing wired
or wireless video cameras, linear-angular SIT and dynamometric FTAs ​​with
certification under the international standard ISO17025.
11. Laser graviuyannya special and scale scales for your needs.
12.Technical support for the entire period of use of the FTA "MICROTECH"